Oct 27, 2009

Green Cleaning - Basic H2

Chrissy over at Spectrum Wellness graciously sent me a sample of Shaklee's Basic H2 concentrate to try out.  This cleaner is super concentrated, my sample came in a vial that was about the size of a perfume tester yet made 32 oz. of cleaner!

My Sample

The amount of cleaner it made

I gave this product a good run for its money on two of the hardest to keep clean surfaces in my house: my kitchen table and my stovetop.  With two young children, my beautiful glass top table is almost impossible to keep clean.  I hate using the typical ammonia laden products to clean it as they give me a headache.  So here is my dirty table (notice the lovely streak of food my 3 year old smeared across it!):

Here is the table after the Shaklee Glass Cleaner:

Cleaning the table took the same amount of "elbow grease" as a traditional cleaner to get the table clean.  What I really loved was that it did it without any smell...none (and I even stuck my nose right up to the wet table!) I could be imagining things, but it did seem to leave fewer streaks as well (though I didn't do a side-by-side comparison.)

Next up was the All-Purpose Cleaner on a very dirty and greasy stovetop. Before Basic H2:


After Basic H2:


Again, this wasn't a spray and wipe - it needed some elbow grease in the really gross areas.  There was one spot next to a burner that something turned into a gooey mess, the Basic H2 All Purpose struggled and I gave into one of my harsh chemicals to get it off (none of my normal cleaners could do it either - I tried). 

So how is this cleaner green? This is what the literature provided by Shaklee claims:
  • Nontoxic
  • Biodegradable surfactants
  • Sustainable ingredients from natural sources
  • No volatile organic cleaning compounds
  • No phosphates
  • Recyclable packaging
  • One 16 oz. bottle of Basic H2 concentrate makes 48 gallons of cleaner
  • Economical - less than 1 cent per 16 oz. bottle as a window cleaner, 3 cents per bottle as all purpose cleaner
Overall, I'm happy with this cleaner and would consider buying it. If you'd like to try it yourself, or check out the other products they offer, visit Chrissy at the Spectrum Wellness website.


Mom said...

Wow...look at that stove shine!

maria smith said...

Looks like you had a cleaning service come through! Finding green cleaning products that work is always wonderful!