Oct 19, 2009

Nursing Cover

A Friend of mine had her baby shower over the weekend, so I decided to make her a nursing cover. When Logan was little, I used mine so much that he would get excited when he saw it! Now that he's older he doesn't go for being covered while eating, but that's OK. I'm pretty happy with how the cover turned out; I hope the Mommy is too. I saw the fabric and fell in love; it is the most gorgeous turquoise blue with a lovely flower print. I added some boning to the neckline so Mommy and Baby can see each other and an easily adjustable D-ring for the neck strap.

The cover doesn't look like much here, but I think it looks amazing in person.

My labels :)

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Mom said...

Looks good...love the fabric (and the label)!

Mindy said...

I love nursing covers with the boning in the neckline. I tried making one once b/c I love the one I purchased, but they're so pricey. I couldn't get the boning to stay just the way I liked, though. Did you make your own pattern or purchase one?

Whitastic said...

As the receiver of this cover, I must say that it is beautiful! I absolutely love it and everyone who has seen it has complimented your handy-work. I am definitely going to need some of your business cards when they come in. I can pass them out on that board: bayareamommas.com

PS: I started to read my book last night and it is full of great info!

Simplistic Mom said...

Mindy - I made my own pattern, that's the only way I sew. I see it in my head, then create it.

Whitastic - I'm so glad you like it, I hope it works well for you! I'm hoping to have my business cards soon and open my online shop within the next few weeks.