Oct 1, 2009

Cloth Diaper Carnival III: Traveling with Cloth Diapers

This is my first entry in the Cloth Diaper Carnival (I didn't know about the first and I was too busy to post for the second). Seeing how I have only been cloth diapering for a few months, I haven't had a chance to travel with them yet. I am planning a big trip soon and cloth diapers have been on my mind since we decided to go.

The trip will be about 2 weeks long and we'll be staying in 2-3 locations. Of those locations only one will have laundry facilities on site. I really want to bring my diapers so I can show them off (not to mention avoid the use of disposables) but I'm really not sure how to do it. I know we'll have limited room in our suitcases, and the diapers and diapering accessories would take up a lot of room. I've looked into hiring a part-time diaper service for the trip and unfortunately only one of the areas we are going has a diaper service.

I've considered the g-Diapers but with one stop on a septic system and another with 100+ year old plumbing I don't think flushables would work. I guess I could either trash the soakers from the g-Diaper or use bio-soakers from GroBaby - but cost almost twice as much as a disposable.

At this point I am not sure how I can make the cloth diapers work on this trip and feel I'm going to have to go with disposables.

Do you have any ideas of how I can make it work? Also, make sure you check out the other posts from the Carnival by clicking on the Carnival image above or by clicking here.


Melissa said...

If your trip is after 10/31 you could use cotton babies new Flip. The inserts come out to be .28 per insert. That's even cheaper then disposables!
Our trips are all in Oct so we will be using gdiapers. Take a look at my post:
Love your blog!

Rachel McFadden said...

I don't know if you have any prefolds and covers, but I recently spoke to Real Diaper Association's president Heather McNamara and this was one of her main questions for me to become a diaper circle leader. She suggested if you are tight on space prefolds and covers work the best, they take much less room. She also said they will wash out easily in the tub or wash sink of where ever you are staying if you don't have access to a washing machine!

check out my entry: http://www.greenbabiesblog.org/diapering/cloth-diaper-carnival-part-tres-traveling-with-cloth-diapers/

Simplistic Mom said...

Thanks for the great suggestions ladies! I will keep you posted on what I choose to do (and how it ends up working out!)