Oct 5, 2009

My New Toy

Last week I managed to convince my loving husband to buy me a serger. I had been looking and researching them for a couple weeks and finally decided on the machine I wanted. With all the sewing I plan on doing for my soon-to-open online shop (reusable products such as produce bags, tote bags, gift wrap, and hopefully diapers) I felt I really needed a serger to keep me sane! Admittedly, it was expensive - even on clearance! I chose the Baby Lock Imagine Wave as my dream machine. It is super easy to thread thanks to Baby Locks patented Jet Air threading! I watched the sales lady thread it twice then I sat down and was able to thread it unassisted and it was ready to sew in minutes! I am currently learning how to do all the stitches and will take a class (came with the purchase of the machine) in the next few weeks. I can't wait to get started on my numerous projects with this machine!

Baby Lock Imagine Wave

No crazy loopers to thread, does it automatically with a puff of air!

My sewing set up. Maybe someday I'll set up a sewing table in the office so I don't have to clear everything off the dining room table when we want to use it!


Rachel said...

Love it! I got the Huskylock 936, which doesn't thread itslf, but does have a handy LCD screen.
You're set up looks jus like mine, although I've got it set-up on a temporary table in the basement! Happy sewing!

Jennifer Haas said...

That looks so nice. I wish I could do all of that stuff. I have a sewing machine, but the only thing I have made are pillows and curtians.

Simplistic Mom said...

Rachel - I'm impressed with your wool cover. I haven't tried wool yet, I still have a lot of questions about it!
Jennifer - That's how I started. I'm no expert semstress but I'm learning!

newmami_rgv said...

Wow, that looks awesome and you must have a great husband. Mine won't let me buy anything. About the sewing table... you should check freecycle or craigstlist. I saw one on there for $25 the other day. Good luck!