Jul 20, 2011

Thinking About Newborn Cloth Diapering

I started cloth diapering about a year and a half ago when my second son was 4 months old.  Seeing how he was young and "normal size" I went with a variety of one-size pocket and AIO diapers for my stash.  Now looking at my stash there is no way many of these diapers are going to fit a newborn! We don't have the luxury of being able to afford $12-18 newborn diapers so I'm either gonna have to buy some good prefolds and covers (maybe second hand?) or I'm gonna have to get handy and make some of my own.

I have plenty of diaper fabric just sitting around, so the obvious choice would be to make my own.  My worry is that I'll make myself a whole newborn stash only to find that the don't fit or don't work well.  I had tried making my own AI2 diapers and had the fit down but leak issues through the stitching at the legs.  What is your opinion? Should I start trolling sites like Diaper Swappers for cheap used diapers or start making my own AIO or fitteds & covers?

Jul 13, 2011

New Purpose

I am hoping to start posting on here again in a regular fashion.  I will still be posting on green living topics though soon they will have a newborn slant as I am pregnant with my third child.  I started cloth diapering my second child when he was about 4 months old so the newborn diapering will be new for me.  I will share my pregnancy and newborn journey with you as much as I am able with two little ones running around and my pregnancy exhaustion.  Thankfully, I am mostly over the terrible morning sickness that plagued my first trimester.  I hope you are all still interested in hearing my story as it unfolds.

I understand that some of you might still be having issues with my blog, I'm not seeing any issues on my end so if you could send me a detailed message or comment (including what browser version, symptoms, etc.), I'd be happy to try and figure out what's going on!