Oct 20, 2009

Starting a Business

I'm jumping in with both feet, starting my own business - Simplistic Mom Designs! 

I have been doing the research, writing my business plan, finding sources for my supplies, and building my inventory.  This isn't going to be a brick & mortar store, though I hope some day that you'll find my products on store shelves.  I'm going to start small, gain experience, and hopefully be one of the small woman-owned business success stories. My business is based on "holes" in the green market and will feature hand-made reusable items.  I am still getting all my ducks in a row, and hope to open my online shop in early November. 

I thought I would share some great online business help for those of your thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship. The first I found through Good Morning America. Startup Nation has a website full of tips, advice, and free StartMe Up program.  I found their 10 Steps to Open for Business very helpful. It guides you through writing your business plan, finding funding, marketing, and more with great video segments.

The second resource is from a business school. The University of Houston Small Business Development Center offers tips, workshops (Houston area only), and consulting on how to start or expand your business. I think their Texas Roadmap to Starting a Business is a must read, and some of it would be applicable to areas outside of Texas (you'd want to check your local and state governments for your states labor laws, tax responsibilities, insurance requirements, required permits, etc.)

If you have any great site for starting a small business, please leave a comment with a link!


Green Mama said...

I would love your advice. I'd really like to start a business! Do you have any management software that you are using to set-up the business? I'd love to discuss your tips if you have time!

Simplistic Mom said...

I'm not using any dedicated management software yet, just Excel and my home financial softward to keep track of things. I'd be happy to share what I know, but realize that I'm just starting myself!