Jul 29, 2009

Water Friendly Baby Sling

On our recent excursion to Galveston, Texas, I realized that I would need to bring something to carry Logan around in. I knew we would be out and about and that the stroller would not be a viable option. We have a Baby Bjorn front carrier and a side carrier, but both are black and made of heavy material. In the hot TX sun they really were not the best choices for being out half a day at the pool.
When I was shopping for cloth diapers at Nurtured Family (my favorite store, can't you tell!) I discovered the Taylor Made Water Mesh Baby Sling. I have stayed away from slings in the past as they seemed complicated to get the baby in and out of. I went ahead and purchased the white water sling, and the woman at Nurtured Family helped me practice putting the sling on and getting a baby doll into it. I am totally happy with the purchase! It was great to have at the pool, I could go into the water with Logan secured and both my hands free for Aidan. The breathable mesh keeps baby cool while out of the water and the fabric dries quickly (faster than my bathing suit!)

I am still learning how to getting him in and out of it, so it takes a few minutes to get going - I would say it's close to the same amount of time to get situated with our other carriers with all the safety clasps. I think the thing I am most impressed with is the versatility of positions: front, side, cradle, back, forward facing (though Logan doesn't like that one because his legs have to be tucked in front of him.) My only complaint about the sling is that it limits that range of motion you have on your left arm, as the sling is spread over that shoulder (for a right handed carrier) to disperse the weight of the baby.
To end on a good note - the sling takes up very little space, so it is perfect to stash in your diaper bag when not in use. I am so enamored with this product that I am even considering forgoing the stroller when we take our next flight!
Do you have a favorite "baby on the go" product? If so, please leave the name of the product and why you can't live without it!


Whitastic said...

This is very good info. I've been wondering about slings but don't even know where to begin. I'm pleased to hear that Nurtured Family helps you practice, too!

Simplistic Mom said...

Nurtured Family also offers classes - I haven't been to one, but have seen the link. The last one was on cloth diapering and baby wearing. They have the info on their website if your interested!

Mom said...

I love the picture. Sleeping baby snuggled on Mom's breast - nothing better!