Jul 30, 2009

Best Intentions

I had the best intentions today to post about how fabulous and easy it is to make your own cloth baby wipes from material around your house. I went through the baby blanket drawer and pulled out four receiving blankets that are too small for actually swaddling a baby, pulled my sewing machine out of storage (I use it about 2x a year) and gathered all my supplies. I measured and cut my fabric squares and started hemming the edges. To my dismay, the sewing machine would not produce properly tensioned stitches - and the tension adjustment could not solve the problem. So I'm sitting here totally frustrated trying to figure out how to fix my sewing machine. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon and can have my dream post!


Mesina said...

oooh I'm not a fan of sewing, mostly because I'm awful at it and so deleted it from my list of skills. But good on you for trying hard and even better for not giving up!! You go girl!

Simplistic Mom said...

I'm a total over-achiever and if I have trouble with something it just makes me more determined. I'm not about to start making my own clothes but I'm determined to conquer simple sewing projects! Thanks for the enthusiasm!