Jul 26, 2009

Cloth Diaper Testing Continues...

We are back in the cloth diapering swing and testing out the diapers again. Fuzzi Bunz (with booster), Blueberry (combo terry/hemp liner) and the bumGenius 3.0 all have passed the overnight test. I am impressed with the pocket diapers natural stain resistance so far, none of them have any trace of the poop that once resided in them. The bumGenius is a different story - after the first poop it was stained on the liner. As I have stated before, the bumGenius does need extra dry time so if you hang them outside the sun can also work as a natural bleach (seeing how you can't use the real stuff on diapers!)

The gDiapers are proving useful for outings as you don't need a wet bag, but I really don't want to buy inserts for them and they don't work well with a standard prefold. I should say that my prefolds may not be the best on the block either as they are 3 years old and been washed a ton. I probably need to strip the residue off of them if I want to seriously consider their use. I had tried one under the bummis super brite cover seeing how I hadn't finished conditioning the Kissaluv's fitted diaper, totally leaked right through the cover! We have the Kissaluv's diaper on him with that same cover for the current nap, so an initial review will probably be up in the next few days.

I have decided that it is silly of me to be doing cloth diapers and still use disposable wipes. So my next step in my green conversion is to switch over to cloth wipes....story to come soon!


Mesina said...

I love all this cloth diaper testing! When my youngest was born I swore I'd try cloth...alas all my good intentions went out the window since I had a rough pregnancy with her. I have to get sleep and do nothing but breastfeed so disposables it was.
But now looking into having another baby I wonder if I should reconsider cloth again. Your articles are a great inspiration! Well done for being so green girl x

Whitastic said...

I was excited to find out which diapers passed the overnight test but am wondering if you've heard anything else about the GroBaby diaper with the blown-out leg.

I read an article about making wipes out of old t-shirts and flannel shirts that you have around the house. Others say to buy baby washcloths and only use certain colors for wipes so they won't get confused.

Then there's the water mixture. Which oil are you thinking of using? Some people put the cloth wipes in the mixture or leave them dry and put the mixture in a bottle. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited that you are thinking of cloth wipes...so very excited! I can't wait for your next post!

Simplistic Mom said...

It's never to late to start cloth diapering (unless their potty trained!) My youngest is 7 months old and I'm just starting with cloth. Every little bit makes a difference!

The GroBaby Diaper is suppose to be in the mail, but I have not received it yet :-(

I've seen the oodles of info on cloth wipes and solution. I'm going to write a big post about it in a few days (drafting it currently!)

Thanks for the interest ladies!

Green Mama said...

Thanks for posting my Eco-friendly baby shower link on your blog.
I wanted to mention that I have used cloth wipes from the get go and they could not be easier. I bought the bum genius wipes, bit I've also used old t-shirts cut into squares which work just as well! I started out making a solution out of baby oil and bath soap and pouring over the wipes in a wipes warmer, so wipes were warm and ready for baby when he needed to be changed. I also have a spray bottle filled with the wipes solution in my diaper bag for on the go. Now, we still use the wipes warmer, but have unplugged it and we just wet the wipes in the sink and stack a few in the wipes warmer for when they are needed. If my baby is really dirty I have some baby bath soap below my wipes warmer, so I just drizzle a little soap on the wipe to clean him up. Also, for on the go my diaper bag came with a reusable ziplock bag, I just put a few predampened wipes in there and only use the spray bottle if he's really messy!
Good luck!