Jul 14, 2009

Should I go Cloth?

For both the economical and environmental reasons, I have been contemplating a switch to cloth diapers. I've started researching cloth diaper types and have to admit I am completely overwhelmed - who knew that there were so many types to choose from! I think that there is a swing back to cloth diapering in progress, as evidenced by the modern and bright prints available for the diaper covers. Most of the many brands I have looked into have very similar features: waterproof out layer (usually colored or with a print) with either snaps or Velcro closure; a pocket to stuff a liner into; and sometimes a "booster" liner for heavy wetters or nighttime use. There are a few more revolutionary types out as well. The gDiaper system is marketed as a hybrid diaper featuring a waterproof outer shell that is used for multiple diaper changes and an insert that can be flushed or composted. The GroBaby system also has a waterproof shell designed for multiple diaper changes coupled with cotton inserts that snap in place, so no stuffing (or removing a soiled insert) is required.

I still haven't decided which route I would like to go, I'll probably try several types to see which work best for me (and Logan!) I'll let you know what I recommend - in the meantime, if you have experience with cloth diapering please leave a comment sharing your expertise!!


Mom said...

I am no help as the last cloth diaper I changed required you to be careful that you didn't stab the baby with the diaper pin! God help you if the baby liked to wiggle around!(Just wanted to leave a comment on your new site.)

Whitastic said...

John and I have decided to use the Gro Baby cloth diapering system. Two websites I found to be very helpful were jillianscloset.com and thedailygreen.com but I found that jillianscloset.com was the best.

The estimated money saved is significant, even if it isn't as high as they anticipate. The accessories are optional and claim to make cloth diapering easier but it is quite an investment.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts on several of the reviews from jillianscloset.com.

Simplistic Mom said...

Mom: Diaper pins are in the past - they have neat three way clips if you are using prefolds otherwise they have options with snaps or velcro closures

Whitastic: I couldn't find anything but links on jillianscloset, did you mean jilliansdrawers? Through jilliansdrawers they have a link to DiaperPin which has reviews on multiple cloth diaper systems...the results of which I'm going to write another post about (once I get a chance!)