Nov 16, 2009

My Child Has What?

I had to bring little Logan to the doctor's office today. On Friday he was bitten by a mosquito and it seemed to be healing fine, then this morning there was a red spot around it about 1.5" wide. The bite got infected, but that was not all. I had noticed a couple of red blister like bumps on his diaper area and thought it was just diaper rash. The he got one on his ankle and the bottom of one foot. Then one appeared on his wrist not to far for the mosquito bite. According to the doctor he has Impetigo. I'm not really surprised, as another little boy at his day care recently came down with it. The doctor broke one of the blisters and sent it for culture just to be sure, but he is now on a really gross smelling antibiotic and an anti-bacterial cream.

Because he has the blisters on his diaper area I have to put the prescription cream on then a layer of diaper rash ointment. Not great for keeping him in cloth diapers. I've had to use disposables for three days now and feel that is long enough. I went out today and picked up a package of flushable diaper liners so I can go back to the cloth diapers I love so much. Even my husband was anxious to get Logan back in his cloth.

Lets hope the liners work so I don't end up with diapers that repel!


Whitastic said...

Poor Logan! I hope he gets well soon. You'll have to keep us posted on how well you like the flushable liners.

Mindy said...

Ugh! Hope he feels better soon! I keep thinking I should order some liners to have on hand for times like these, since there's no local store here. Hope he feels better soon!

Mom said...

My poor little darlin', I hope he is better soon! Love and kisses to all. xxx

Bobby said...

Thank you for your story . Kids seem to give everything they have to each other. There are bugs and germs flying around day care, playgrounds, schools and even homes during play dates. It is hard for moms not to cringe every time another child coughs or has a runny nose. Unfortunately you can't isolate your child. At least this is one of the ways they develop immunities. But I feel for you.