Nov 10, 2009

EcoStore USA Cleaning Product Reviews

Maggie from EcoStore USA was nice enough to send me a box of their Front Loader Laundry Powder and a bottle of Toilet cleaner to try out.

For the past week, all of my clothes and cloth diapers have been washed in the Front Loader Powder.  For convenience, the powder comes with a measuring scoop made from easily recyclable #2 plastic.  According to the product label: the laundry powder has no synthetic dyes or perfumes, no optical whiteners, and no enzymes in it. It is made from biodegradable plant and mineral based ingredients from sustainable sources - so it is kind to the earth.

I was delighted with the cleaning action of this powder.  Our clothes came out clean and smelling like...well...nothing! I even gave a sniff to the armpit of a previously sweaty and stinky workout smell.  Next was the real test: the first load of cloth diapers.  I ran my normal "Stain Wash" cycle with a cold prewash with no soap, followed by a hot wash with soap, and an extra rinse for good measure.  After the diapers were dried in the dryer I pulled them out and gave a good sniff to a cover then tends to hold urine smell in the liner - no smell. Then I sniffed one of my stank prone microterry inserts...again no smell.  I just about died from happiness!  I even handed one to my husband and asked him to smell it and he agreed that there was no smell - I wasn't crazy! In a household with a heavy wetter and ongoing diaper stink issues this was an amazing revelation.  This will definitely be on my list of cleaning products to buy when I run out.

Next up was the toilet cleaner.  I have a 3 year old boy that uses the potty. If you have boys, you understand what that means for the state of your toilets! Anyway, he's great about using the potty (most of the time, he is 3 after all.) What he's not so great at is flushing after he's gone. Our toilet will get pretty yucky in a short period of time, so this toilet cleaner will get a good run for its money.  So I applied as directed, waited a very minutes, scrubbed and flushed. Clean. An amazingly white clean.  It didn't remove a hard water stain, but I really didn't expect it to.  It does have a bit of an odor to it, so I would suggest having the exhaust fan on while it is in use.

Disclaimer: Please use caution when working with cleaners, even if they are made from natural ingredients. Make sure to read the directions and precautions on the label before use. Always keep cleaners away from children and pets.

I have not been paid for this review but I did receive the test products free of charge. I am in no way affiliated with EcoStore USA and this review is my personal thoughts on the products after using them.

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Bobby said...

Besides re-designing the wheel, you have come up with a newsworthy story every mother around the world should not only be exposed to, but should absolutely take to heart. So many horrible rashes, repository conditions and health hazards; such as asthma, skin allergies and many more serious neurologically damaging diseases can be traced back to using these chemicals that are being used in the detergents that end up being sold as the most popular items on the grocery store shelves. Thank you for your wonderful insight and words of wisdom and warning.