Sep 21, 2009

I'm Back!

Don't worry, I didn't fall of the face of the earth! I was never really gone, just very busy. My mother came to see the boys (and my husband and I she claims, though I know better!) and my husband just turned the big 3-0. So I've spent most of my time enjoying the company of my mother and spoiling my husband. In so doing I neglected my blog, though I do have several topics I'm working on for this week.
My mother is always good for teaching my children some new habit while she is here. This time she taught my youngest how to clap and yell "Yea" and to walk (the walking was really just a coincidence, but I'll try to blame her anyway!)
Here are a few shots from making the birthday cake for my hubby with my oldest. He loves to help me bake! I would normally make the cake from scratch, but I opted for a box mix this time. I did make the frosting from scratch, the can stuff just doesn't taste right! I failed to get a pic of the final product, but I assure you that it looked and tasted yummy!

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Mom said...

I will attest to the yummieness of the cake. And I am more than happy to take the blame for my babe walking!