Sep 27, 2009

Cloth Diaper Making Trial 2

Over the past two days, I made my second one-size cloth diaper. In the redesign I changed the area between the legs and across the bum to be a little narrower and extended the soaker a bit so it would extend the full length of the diaper on the largest setting. I also changed the snap locations so the material would gather at the leg openings instead of folding like it had been. My close up pictures ended up being fuzzy so I'll have to take new ones once the diaper is clean. As per usual, Logan pooped in it almost immediately after it was put on, so I won't know for a day or two if this diaper has the same leak issues my first diaper had. I decided to take a few pictures with the diaper at it's smallest and largest settings with a couple of fluffy models. A newborn would have a very fluffy butt, but it would at least fit (I think!) So, without further ado...
The models
The smallest setting
The largest setting
The inside
Testing it out
Nice diaper Mom! Now, I have to make sure it really works...(grunt)

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