Sep 11, 2009

Eco-Friendly Friday

We, in America (and I'm sure in some other countries as well), are a disposable nation. So, what are some ways for us to take advantage of the reduce part of the recycling triangle (and save money while we're at it)?

  1. Use cloth napkins. Even just using one less napkin a day works out to saving one package of napkins from the landfill.

  2. Use cloth hankies. I found a package very cheap at a discount store, great for those who have ever running noses (like little kids) or sneezing fits every so often. This could save at least a box of tissues (if not more!) from a landfill.

  3. Use a dish cloth to wipe up spills around the house. I will admit that I don't do this yet, we had bought a giant bag of paper towels at the beginning of the year from one of those bulk item shopper clubs. I know when I do start this, I will save myself at least 3 rolls of paper towels a year (probably a lot more!)

I'll have more tips to come next week!

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Rachel said...

We keep a mini-spray-bottle of bleach and use a squirt of that on a rag in place of anti-bacterial wipes.

Jenn said...

Where did you find the hankies?

Simplistic Mom said...

Great idea Rachel, I have done that in the past.
Jenn, I found the hankies at Ross or Marshalls. It was $2 or $3 for a 6 pack. The tend to have them around X-mas and father's day for Dad's gifts!