Sep 28, 2009

Don't You Just Love a Great Deal?

When it comes to shopping, especially for big ticket items, I am compulsive about researching the product and finding the absolute best price. I have recently been introduced to a new website that will shave hours (yes I said hours!) off my online shopping experience.

As stated on their website: "Fresh Deals is a refreshing new way for shoppers to find and share the latest online deals." This site has the potential to revolutionize the way we shop online. You can comparison shop for the Freshest Deal by either entering a search term or browsing by category. On the home page there is also a "Freshest Deal" widget that highlights the best deals they've found and how much longer it will be offered.

But wait, there's more! Fresh Deals also has a Q&A section where you can ask other shoppers for their thoughts on a particular product or get a recommendation. This site is also harnessing the power of social media by creating a Facebook connection application that allows you to share your fresh finds with your friends.

I recently used this site to find the best deal on a new travel bed for my youngest. I had already done the product research and knew what I wanted. All I had to do was enter the name of the product and the first link was to the price comparison for 15 stores. I then did a quick web search for a coupon code for the lowest price store (happened to find a $10 off coupon) then had myself a new travel crib for several dollars below the lowest price!

This site is just getting started, so there is not a huge Q&A section yet. I'm sure once people find out about this site it will be a fabulous resource that will save you hours of price/review hunting.

If you don't find what you want on their site there is also an offering of sponsored links above and below the search results that may have what you are looking for.

Happy Shopping :)

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