May 22, 2012

Recap of the first week of Body Revolution

As usual, a busy life with three kids has gotten in the way of my writing time. So here is the recap since I wrote last Monday.

Monday - I followed plan and did my 2 workouts and prescribed kick start diet, had to take an Ibuprofen my withdrawal headache was so bad.

Tuesday - again followed the kick start plan as stated, had a touch of a headache still but not as bad as Monday's. I was also starting to get really sore after the second workout.  I had trouble completing the exercises for the full time I was so sore.

Wednesday - woke up to every muscle in my body screaming when they were moved, I was so sore it hampered everyday activities.  I decided to take the day off from exercises and just spend a few minutes here and there doing yoga poses to stretch out. I also drank TONS of water that day. I did still follow the meal plan, but I added one carbohydrate and one more dairy considering I am breastfeeding. This helped a lot with my energy level.

Thursday - Decided that I needed to stop doing the kick start exercise plan and move to normal plan so I didn't hurt myself. I did my morning workout (targeted areas tape 1) and followed the meal plan with modification.

Friday - Went to the doctor for a female issue I had been having and got put on a pill that really messed with my system. I missed the morning workout for various reasons and had planned on doing it in the evening. That didn't happen because I felt so terrible, and I went to bed early to recoup instead.

Saturday - Was my mother's day treat, I got a "spa day" with my best friend. We went to several places to get manicures, pedicures, massages, lunch, and even went to see a movie. That evening I also had a date night with my husband. I took it as my "relax day" and did not workout. I also made mostly good choices diet wise while eating out.

Sunday - I did pretty well diet wise and did the tape I was suppose to do on Friday, target areas tape 2.

Overall, week one was a bit rough. I did my best and hung in there but did have to drop down on the exercise.  I will save that intensity for when I am at a plateau and need to switch something instead of when I am going from sedentary to active! I think that would be more appropriate for someone who is already working out regularly and wants an early boost.  I completed a total of 6 tapes, the same ones and number for the normal week one, just not on the prescribed days.

My weight has been fluctuating.  I was a bad girl and weighed Sunday, then Monday and saw about a two pound difference (not in a good way!) So, I weighed again today and decided to use that number as it was in between and probably more accurate. 

Week 1 results: - 1.8 lbs; - 2.75" (total, over 10 body measurements)

I am happy with this, even though I wish it was more (I really liked the Sunday weigh in as that would have made the weight loss 3.6 lbs,) it is really a good number for a breastfeeding mom.  I have to watch that I do not loose weight too quickly or it can release toxins stored in my fat into the breast milk. I don't doubt that if I had been able to do the entire week one kick start as written I probably would have lost the dress size they said, but you have to be reasonable or you wont stick to the plan.

Lets see what this next week holds!

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