May 14, 2012

The Kick Start Restart

So last week I had every intention to diligently start Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. Then reality set in. I was home alone with 3 kids. The first night I was up nearly the whole night with a teething baby, so the early morning wake up to exercise did not happen.  I followed the diet all day with the plans to just do both workouts that evening.  By the time 9 o'clock rolled around and all three kids were in bed I was completely exhausted. I messaged a friend and said "I'm exhausted and about to roll into bed without need to motivate me." Thankfully, he did.  I only did one of the two workouts - I chose the cardio tape - but I gave it my all. So much so that I ended up hurting my knee.  To the point I couldn't walk without limping. But I did workout that day, then had to quit the rest of the week while I waited for my knee to heal. I watched what I ate during the week.  Then the weekend spelled disaster.  I had cake, ice cream, donuts, and restaurant food.  BAD news for the diet. Any progress I made was quickly removed.

So, it is Monday again and I have restarted the program with the kick start week again.  It is 8 o'clock now and I have followed the diet all day (same as last week) and have already done the AM scheduled workout (wearing a knee brace) and will do the PM workout once the kids are in bed in about an hour. My only complaint right now is that I have a SPLITTING headache.  I finally took some Ibuprofen to help as it's to the point it's upsetting my stomach.  Staying medicine free is not as important as keeping my dinner down.

I would post more, but staring at this black type on a white background is killing my head.

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