May 6, 2012

Thoughts before Kickstart

I will be starting Body Revolution tomorrow and doing the optional Kickstart week.  It claims that you can loose a dress size in one week. Not sure how realistic that is, but I'm going to give it a shot. I will be following the meal plan, with a few modifications because I do not eat fish, and the kickstart week excercise plan. I am expecting some withdrawal symptoms, especially for sugar, so I will have to be good about not caving to temptation.  I'm expecting to be sore as well, this week it has you doing an excercise every morning and night except for day 7 when you rest.

I have done my shopping for food for the week and written out my meal plan.  I had wanted to get a head start on things and prep all the veggies and pre-cook some of the meat.  Unfortunately with how crazy the weekend was, that didn't come close to happening. It seems like the meals are pretty quick to prepare as they are fresh ingredients, so hopefully I can manage even though it is just me and the three kids until late Friday again.

I will admit that I have been bad during these last few days of "freedom." Knowing that I am about to start a diet, especially a very restrictive one the first week, made me feel like I needed a last hurrah.  We had two potluck events today at church, so I made sure to eat all the unhealthy yet yummy several tasty desserts.  I have also filled up on sweets at home. Sneaking a hostess cupcake here and there (they are for my sons school lunch) and other easter chocolate that is still hanging around the house. So I am now articifially up a few pounds from all the crap I've been eating these last few days.  The most ironic of all was when I was looking through the food guide while eating a large bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. :P

I had my husband take a "before" picture of me in my workout clothes today before he left.  I will take my measurements in the morning when I'm not as bloated from today's binge. I will post the measurements in 7 days when I have completed the kickstart week to show the change. I'll post the pic then if there is a noticable difference at the end of the week, if not it will be posted in 30 days at the completion of the first phase of the program.

Well, wish me luck! I hope to write a quick post tomorrow update how the day went, so I'll "talk" to you soon.

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