Jul 6, 2012

Falling Off the Wagon to Running in Undies

So, I had been doing really well with the Body Revolution System...until a couple weeks back when I got busy and stopped using it. I saw the Houston Hot Undies Run fast approaching, and I was barely running at all.  So I switched gears and would run every other evening when the hubby would arrive home.  It was a nice switch actually.  I would prepare dinner, he would get home and take over to cook it while I was out for my jog.  The week leading up to the run was tough as I had a cold and couldn't run.  It was a set back, but I recovered in time for the race and was able to make most of the 2.5 mi jog. Our costumes were a hit as well, my husband was hit on more in his "bride" costume than he ever has been in one day!

It was a fun run, but more importantly, it was for a good cause.  All proceeds from the race were given to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and from what I understand they raised a good deal of money that day between the race entries and the raffle tickets. The MDA is special to me because when I was working as a researcher, my lab focused on degenerative muscle disorders.  My work was almost entirely funded by MDA grants.  So, it was very nice to give back to a worthy organization and have some fun while doing so. I look forward to running this again next year, hopefully in a bit better shape! Now to think of even better costumes.....

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