Aug 6, 2009

Eating Local and Other Business

My husband and I love eating locally grown food. In fact, my husband worked on a farm when he was in high school and loved the experience (though not the early mornings!) When ever we are at the grocery store we look for local produce to purchase. Food just tastes better when it is freshly harvested and doesn't have to travel across the country in a hot truck.

Recently a Farmer's Market opened just outside our neighborhood. It is a small operation that has local produce supplemented with non-local offerings. They have started offering a co-op where you pay $20 in advance and get to choose 10 items from a list of offered fruits and veggies(organic items are in addition and cost extra). This last week I ordered my first co-op share and have received it today - the photo above is the produce I received. I am trying to decide between this co-op and a local C.S.A. (certified organic and specializes in heirloom varieties). The C.S.A. works out to be closer to $30 per week but is all local and all organic. It's a tough decision for me now that we are on a constrained budget.

I am hoping that buying local produce will force me to eat seasonally as well as learn about new fruits and vegetables that you do not normally find in the grocery store.

In other news: I think I have found the winner of the diaper for the perfect diaper for Logan. The award goes to (at this point in time anyway!)..................................

Wonder Wraps One Size Diaper Cover (shown in Vanilla)
Yes, it's a little extra work but I can customize the absorbency depending on the time of day. We used this diaper cover overnight last night over the Kissaluv's fitted with the Knicker Nappies Stay-Dry Hemp Doubler....No Leaks!!!!! I've used it with regular pre-folds and can even just swap them out as the cover doesn't absorb any of the pee. I had all but given up on pre-folds as every cover I had leaked until this one. Best part is that I can use the bazillion pre-folds I have around the house (we had used them for burp cloths) and the covers a relatively cheap at ~$15 per cover. Oh, and did I mention that they fit under his clothes? No fluffy diaper butt!
And not to leave out Big Brother.....

Aidan rocking out, singing the ABC's

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for my post about C.S.A.'s on my Eco-Friendly Friday feature!

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