Aug 4, 2009

Cloth Diaper Review Continues

We have been using the cloth diapers for a few weeks now and I am starting to get a feel for the diapers now. In my rotation I have: Fuzzi Bunz One Size, Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size (Med), Blueberry with combo liner, gDiaper, Kissaluvs fitted, Bummis Super Brite Cover, and a bumGenius 3.0 Organic. I just received a Knickernappies One Size with loopy-do inserts, Wonderwraps One size diaper cover, and a swaddlebees ecoliner insert. I am not including the GroBaby as I still haven't received the replacement cover for the one that had the leg elastic go out on the second wash! I'm getting very aggravated as it has been 12 business days at this point (2.5 weeks) since they said they would replace it. If I don't receive the diaper in tomorrows mail I will be calling the company to complain. I would still like to give their diapers a chance as I like the concept, but honestly, I'm not sure I will go with them now that I've been this negative experience!

If you would like to review my initial experience with some of these diapers please read this post.

I like the Fuzzi Bunz Diapers as they are easy to clean (no staining with multiple poops) and they dry quickly, the draw back is that they are bulky and my babies normal clothing does not fit over these diapers. They will be the night time diapers in our stash.

The Blueberry is very similar to the Fuzzi Bunz with a slightly trimmer fit due to the Terry/Hemp combo liner. They are absorbent, stain resistant, and have a good fit with their adjustability. This is the diaper I am leaning toward at this point, though it is still a little big for some clothing items.

The gDiaper is a nice concept, but as I stated before, I'm not so fond of having the nylon right next to my babies skin in this hot and humid weather. I tried the diaper with a pre-fold and it leaked. I would try it with their new cloth liners, but they are back ordered and honestly I don't know if this would be my diaper of choice. The disposable liners they have are a nice concept though very expensive. I would suggest these diapers to anyone who wants an eco-friendly diaper with the convenience of disposables without the washing required of cloth.

Kissaluv's hemp fitted diaper is nice hemp diaper, but it has its drawbacks. Drawbacks: you have to use a diaper cover, for a boy the area to unsnap the diaper is going to be very wet with pee, would need to buy multiple sizes as your baby grows, have had some poop staining (not a huge deal as it somewhat blends in with the natural color of the hemp), but the biggest thing for me is the extra dry time required. My pro for this diaper is that it is very trim and easy to fit under clothes

Bummis Super Brite diaper cover is a total thumbs down! Every time I have had this cover on over the Kissaluv's pee wicked right through the cover onto his clothes. Not to mention that the Velcro is very scratchy and even with the tabs fastened to the laundry tabs I ended up with tabs stuck to the elastic by the legs causing it to get fuzzy. I would not recommend this cover.

The bumGenius 3.0 Organic AIO is a nice diaper, very convenient. It is pretty trim, though the rise seems a little short. My baby is about average height at 8 months old and need to be on the largest setting. I can't imagine that this same diaper would fit him rise wise when he is two. The fact that you don't have to stuff inserts is appealing. Dirty diapers can be a bit messy in this diaper with the three layers for poop to get caught between, and it has been stained ever since the first poop it saw. This tends to be a "going out" diaper for us with it's small size and good absorbency.

I have had the Knickernappies One Size side snapping diaper, with the loopy-do insert, on Logan twice. I like that this diaper is trim and has ample adjustments. It fits nicely under his clothes. The first time it was on was for night time - gave it the true test, without a booster. In the morning he had wicking at the waist and one leg opening. I just had the diaper on for a second run and had a leak at the leg opening again. When I looked at the diaper I realized that the leg elastic does not adjust when the rise is adjusted. What ends up happening is the other material folds (like with all the one size diapers with snaps up the front) and the leg opening area folds as well, causing a gap between the leg and diaper. I'm going to try playing with this diaper a little more, because I really like the trim fit, to try and get it to stop leaking.

I have had the Wonder Wraps one size diaper cover on Logan once over the Kissaluv. This is a very nice diaper cover, very cute on the bum, and did not leak with its first run (though it was only on for a short time due to a poop). I'm going to give it a run with a pre-fold to see how it handles that (every time I've used a pre-fold I've had a leak with my other covers). It's constructed from the same type of material you would see on the outside of most AIO's or pocket diapers and has the snap adjustments for rise. The Velcro is not too coarse and I hope it will stand up well to use and washes.

The Swaddlebees Ecoliner insert worked well in my Blueberry diaper (essentially making the same diaper as the Swaddlebees without buying another cover). It did not leak during its initial run. It is slightly trimmer than the Blueberry's normal liner, once it was on I couldn't tell a difference in bulk with that cover. I'm guessing that they are about the same, the Swaddlebees ecoliner just being a few dollars more expensive all together.

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