Aug 8, 2009

But I Don't Like Broccoli!

My older son has a love hate relationship with food. He loves to eat but hates to eat his veggies. I am determined to get Aidan eating his veggies and making cute little scenes with his food just isn't cutting it! I decided to make spaghetti the other night and had lots of yummy veggies in the crisper. I sauteed some red and green bell peppers and broccoli in olive oil until they were softened and tender then pureed them in the food processor (had it out to make baby food anyway!) I then added the pureed veggies to the spaghetti sauce mixed them together well and heated it up. I plated the spaghetti with a generous portion of the sauce, sprinkled a little Parmesan cheese over the top and served it - anxiously awaiting the verdict. Our picky eater gobbled it up and asked for seconds....if only he knew!


Whitastic said...

I must admit that I don't like the texture of broccoli but I recently have been craving the flavor. I have done this spaghetti recipe with the broccoli but never with the bell peppers. I think I will be doing this tomorrow night!

Simplistic Mom said...

Have you tried the sauce with the peppers? I really like the added roasted red papper flavor!