Jul 20, 2011

Thinking About Newborn Cloth Diapering

I started cloth diapering about a year and a half ago when my second son was 4 months old.  Seeing how he was young and "normal size" I went with a variety of one-size pocket and AIO diapers for my stash.  Now looking at my stash there is no way many of these diapers are going to fit a newborn! We don't have the luxury of being able to afford $12-18 newborn diapers so I'm either gonna have to buy some good prefolds and covers (maybe second hand?) or I'm gonna have to get handy and make some of my own.

I have plenty of diaper fabric just sitting around, so the obvious choice would be to make my own.  My worry is that I'll make myself a whole newborn stash only to find that the don't fit or don't work well.  I had tried making my own AI2 diapers and had the fit down but leak issues through the stitching at the legs.  What is your opinion? Should I start trolling sites like Diaper Swappers for cheap used diapers or start making my own AIO or fitteds & covers?


Eco-Mom said...

Hi there! You might want to try putting a post on Freecycle.org, if there is a group in your area. You would not believe the amazing stuff we have found on there! We try to give away a lot of the stuff we don't need on there too! I've seen posts for cloth diapers all the time but always seem to get there after someone else, however you can post a Wanted ad and see what happens! Some of the groups are Yahoo groups so it's helpful to have a Yahoo account (which of course is also free). If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line! I'm following your blog now and will add you to my blogroll!


Eco-Mom said...

PS~ Fuzzibunz one-size fit our son when he was three weeks old and only 7 lbs. Before that we used prefolds and plastic pants, since the Fuzzibunz covered the cord stump. Just an option!

Green Mama said...

I found some great, barely used newborn diapers on craigslist. Now I have a stash and I share it with all of my friends so no one has to buy them. Comb craigslist to see what you can find.
Also, I'm part of an attachment parenting local yahoo group. I also had someone just give me some free newborn sized diapers when I asked around on the yahoo group. Do you have a group like this that you can touch base with?
Good luck!

Green Mama said...

One more thing. I've been using pre-folds on my second son and I have a new-found love for them! Give them a chance and you might find they are better than any fitted out there!