Mar 10, 2011

Overwhelmed by Life

Somehow everything going on in my life snuck up on me and took least that's how it feels.  I barely have time to breathe some days it seems!  I've always been busy, but it feels like I had more time when I was a young girl of 16 and in every club imaginable at school.  I have so many items on my "To Do" list that I never seem to get to my "Want to Do" list.  Has the pace of life really changed that much?  I worry what things are going to be like once my boys are in school and have sports practice, cub scouts, and any other number of activities.  Just today I have spent a majority of my day working on things for my two home-based businesses and almost had a panick attack when I realized what time it is.  I still have a zillion things I need to get done and I only have about an hour to do them! Needless to say many of them are not going to be done.

I am definitely struggling with balance it seems. How do you maintain the balance in your life...or are you as off kilter as I am?  Sometimes I feel like everyone around me is coping so much better than I am, but I often wonder if they are actually in the exact same spot I am putting off a "everything's cool" front like I attempt to do. 

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Karen@SimpleBlue said...

I think some people are just that type of people that everything is cool - even if they have a million things still to get done (which I think everyone does). I am not one of those types of people. I envy them. Sometimes I think about how I could be more relaxed and easy going. I get determined to be more that way. Then I start to write a list on how I could be more easy going so I can check it off point by point so that I know I'm on my way to being easy going...

I'm not one of those people.

I try to remind myself that I can only do what I can do. I can't do any more than that.