Feb 22, 2011

Where I am with Cloth Diapers

As a busy Mom (aren't all Mom's busy?) I often struggle with balance.  I try to balance the time I spend caring for my family, the house, trying to bring money in, and taking care of myself.  I am far from perfect and at any given time one of the pieces listed above is neglected (and it is not the kids!) I have had to balance my love of being a crunchy green mom with the realities of life.  I love cloth diapers, but they aren't always convenient.  I have a rather small stash, which is getting smaller as my little one is starting to grow out of a few of them.  I also have a terrible time with cloth at night - he either leaks or wakes with a rash.  I have gotten to the point that we use cloth around the house and disposables when we are out, when all the diapers that fit are in the wash, and at night.  I do have a nice night-time fitted and wool longies, but it is only able to be used a couple times a week.  I am no where near where I would like to be with cloth use, but until I can manage to make some diapers on my own (that don't leak) it will have to do.  My youngest is now two and about to venture into potty training.  I am hoping that I will be able to use cloth trainers on him, but at this point I'll have to make them myself or save up for a bit to afford a toddler stash.  So, I'm calling out to my cloth diaper friends...do you know of a great (I'll even settle for good) cloth trainer pattern or inexpensive premade trainers? I'd love to hear about your favorites!


Karen@SimpleBlue said...

I was in your same situation about a year ago. I found some really good ones at onestepahead.com

They are pricey though. I thought I was getting three for whatever price they were but it turned out to be one. I also bought some (new) on ebay that weren't pricey but they weren't great. They were barely good. I put my finger through one of them when pulling them up. So I won't recommend them. I believe they were a discontinued line. My kid didn't need them for very long.

If I were to do it again, I would look at a pair of the thicker training underwear and copy a pattern for it, adding a few layers of flannel.

Simplistic Mom said...

Thanks Karen, I have tried a pair of the One Step Ahead training pants with my older son and wasn't pleased with the full pull-up style. I really need something with snaps at the sides for the poop accidents (which made the others terrible!) I like the idea of taking training underwear as a pattern. I might just do that!