Feb 23, 2011

Great Cloth Diaper Change

Do you have a baby or toddler in cloth diapers and want to be part of a bid for the Guinness Book of World Records? If you answered yes, you need to check out this site: http://greatclothdiaperchange.com/.

On April 23, 2011 all over the United States (and in a few international sites) cloth diapering Mom's and Dad's will be getting together to change cloth diapers.  The event is to raise awareness of modern cloth diapers in honor of Earth Day. 

Right now there isn't a location in Houston. Any of my Houston fluffy butt Mom's or Dad's interested in putting together a Houston location for this event with me?


Monica said...

I would love to help you. Young and Restless Boutique would be a good place. I will talk to the owner and see if she is interested if you want.

Simplistic Mom said...

Awesome Monica! I agree that Young and the Restless would be a good location, especially with how involved in the CD community they are! If you could talk to the owner, that would be fabulous!

Monica said...

She said that she contacted them about it but I don't see Y&R on their site yet as a location. I will send her another message to see if she has followed up. Nurtured Family is on there now as a location.

Simplistic Mom said...

Fabulous, you Rock Monica! I will most likely make an appearance at the Nurtured Family event as it is closer to me than Y&R. Thanks for checking into that!