Jul 26, 2012

21 Day Challenge

I have been in a bit of a weight loss slump, I would loose a little then put it back on.  For the first time in a long time I have seen the scale go down significantly and stay there.  It is all thanks to the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge. I started the challenge on July 4th, yes, you read that correctly! I avoided the cook-outs and high fat celebration foods and stuck to my pre-prepared healthy meals. I expected to feel hungry, or have the meals be bland, or for my results to be no where near what is advertised.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. 

To start out, you go into a My Fit Foods store location (sorry, they don't offer this service at the kiosks in the grocery stores) and have a consultation with a nutrition coach.  You discuss your goals, keys to weight loss, any medical conditions, and your meal preferences. From there your consultant makes a program for you and places your food orders for pick up.  You need to pick up your food twice a week as the meals are freshly prepared in store and will spoil due to lack of preservatives. I was given 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks.  I was never hungry, never craved a sweet (something that normal derails my diet efforts!) and was pleasantly surprised by the flavorful meals.  Out of everything I tried over the 21 days, I only had one meal I did not care for.

According to their website, typical results of the 21 Day Challenge is a loss of 6-15 lbs.  I am right in there with a loss of 8.4 lbs.  That is real results.  I followed the program, albeit without their supplements or liver cleanse due to my breastfeeding status, and saw the results.  I am a real person. I was not paid to do the program, I am not being paid to write this post.  I am writing this because it works.

If you need something to get you started, this is a great program.  You will learn proper portion sizes and how to balance your meals for proper nutrition.  I know the question you are all thinking right now is "This all sounds great, but what does it cost?" The consultation is free and your cost will depend on your meal plan.  I had all small meals and did not have any of the more expensive shrimp dishes. Meals typically range from $4-$8 and over the course of the program I spent just about $500 on all my meals and snacks.

If you have any questions about the program, I'd be happy to answer what I can, just comment below.  If you do decide to try out the program, can you help me earn some food credits by saying I referred you? Just give them my email address (jenniferjordan at hotmail dot com) and they should be able to find me. Thanks!


Funky Junky Momma said...

I am really debating on doing this because I am in a slump after losing 40lbs and then not being able to go to the gym when my kids started school, and then my mother passed away. Let's just say, 15 lbs added back and I am pissed and ready to get back into things, even if it kills me! Did you still buy regular food for your family?

Simplistic Mom said...

Good luck to you! Are you using any programs to track your food intake? I did buy regular food for the rest of the family while I was on the challenge. The ate mostly convenient food or casseroles I would make and would last several meals. It really didn't effect them, other than being glad I wasn't making them eat stir-fry or other vegetarian options that had been my go to meals.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Do you have to pay up front or do you pay as you go?

Unknown said...

I'm paying as I go. I'm on day 6 and have lost 3 lbs.

Unknown said...

I'm paying as I go. I'm on day 6 and have lost 3 lbs.