Jan 11, 2011

A Resolution to Write

The Holiday's have come and gone and my house is returning to its normal routine. I do not usually make New Year's Resolutions, but for some reason I decided to this year. I resolved to do two things this year:
  1. Post regularly to this blog in an attempt to get it going again, and
  2. Start selling my Produce bags (and other handmade crafts) again.
Do you think I can do it? I sure hope so! The second is important as we really need to bring in some more funds or I will need to go back to working outside the home. Therefore, you are reading the grand re-opening of The Simplistic Mom Blog and I hope to have the grand opening of my Etsy shop within a month!
Now I just need to organize my thoughts and decide what I will start blogging about first! Anything you are particularly interested in hearing about or hope to see with the re-emergence of my blog? I'd love to hear from you if you are still following after my long reprieve!

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